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SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP Residents in western Lucas County are keeping an eye out for a black bear. The latest sighting was early this morning in the 8100 block of Dorr Street near King Road.Darlene

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The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) and the Bay Area News Project (BANP), which operates The Bay Citizen, announced today that they have entered into a memorandum of understanding to pursue a

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continue to go farther. "Everything around us is dictating it's our time," said Johnson. The petition does state it will be retroactive for individuals who are presently facing charges for marijuana

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Ferguson America. The fact that Camper administration started studying the idea long before Ferguson made headlines speaks to Camper forward thinking approach.

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Lawmakers who were briefed by the FBI said they have more questions than answers about the investigation of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R Va., said lawmakers intend to

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and I will have to pay in tax dollars to subsidize it. real estate market.He also hosted an underground music show on KSPC FM that included live performances from the Pomona College station basement

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writing and trying to make the world a better place

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arrestedUpdated: Tuesday, January 6 2015 6:44 PM EST2015 01 06 23:44:39 GMTThe NYPD arrested two suspects Tuesday in connection with the shooting of two plainclothes police officers who were responding to a robbery in the Bronx Monday night, officials said.

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"Meanwhile," Killgore writes, "Mossad generated threats on the president's life, seemingly from Palestinians, were leaked. These were designed to throw suspicion on the organization of rogue

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managed to hire 40 odd staff, including a boom operator, camerapeople yes, more than one and even production assistants on hand to offer sunscreen and sandwiches. And the production had actors

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some Republican lawmakers, is not under consideration, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Thursday.The answer my friends is that even when they don't realize it, bureaucracies love to grow.

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"We have an opportunity to play receiver in that position or tight end in that position," Pinkel said of Sasser. "That's good for him to get that experience there. Gaines and Kip Edwards. Moe (

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Johnson, 6 2, 275, offensive lineman, senior; Doogie Hauser, 5 9, 180, running back, junior; Luke Bowling, 5 9, 170, quarterback, sophomore.Outlook: The Greyhounds return 18 players nine on offense and nine on defense.

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Send Me On Vacation (SMOV), a charity providing vacations for breast cancer survivors, will hold a first of its kind women's empowerment workshop, Feb. 2 6, 2014, at the Grand Mayan Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The. To enter, students currently enrolled as a graduate or undergraduate student at a university in the United States are to write a.

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If the schedule sounds tame thus far, Castroverde Moskalenko said she decided to shake things up with "Rhapsody in Boop" in January, a musical tribute to the cartoon icon Betty Boop. It will be performed by the Jazz Orchestra of the Delta under the direction of from the University of Memphis, who also wrote the musical arrangements of Boop's cartoon themes.

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Shelter workers want to make sure no one is left outside to suffer.In November, 73 year old Edward Green was discovered dead just outside a church in Madison by a man delivering blankets."No one is supposed to be out in the cold, but sometimes that's just how it is," McClain said.Temperatures this week are expected to be much colder than they were in November.

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You may not HATE the person, but you do find distasteful, wrong, or immoral about a very important facet of them. No, a person sexuality is not THE MOST important thing about them, but it is a very important part of who we are. Just ask your children, who are a direct result of your heterosexual relationship with your husband (who I wouldn be surprised if you OPENLY talked about around the water cooler)

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His final blow came in August 1999, at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Orlando. That day, described by Spain as "the most depressing experience I've ever had," Spain and Donner pitched waveXchange to the CEOs of every major radio group in the country. Universally, they panned the idea and said they would never support it.For many, the results especially for west bank residents living in Paradis, Bayou Gauche and Des Allemands were dismal.now, I in flood zone X, and my flood insurance is $379, Bayou Gauche resident Telesia Batte told the St. Charles Parish Council on April 8. these maps go through, I going to be 7.9 feet below sea level.

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I got into the field of preservation because I love old buildings. However, I'm a pragmatist, and I understand that business models change, needs change, and so building uses must necessarily change if we are to preserve them. I love single screen movie theaters, but I understand that the business model doesn't work today, and I would rather see those buildings reused than demolished. I get all of my bills electronically and I pay them online, so do many other people, and although I think there will always be a place for hand written letters, packages and magazines, the post office must adapt because of technology that is making most other mail obsolete. Taking the long view, large historic buildings with lots of maintenance costs do not fit with the future of mail. We must adapt to change, as we always have.

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He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing July 18. Whether it's abuse, neglect, improper training, ignoring stress signals from the dog, improper behaviors from humans, and ignorance in general can all share the blame. The reason so many people get heated about pit bulls is because anything to do with a "pit bull" gets sensationalized in the media as if it's some sort of special and mysterious entity. People pay more attention and their fears get riled up. Pit bulls are just dogs.

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The cool water California Current, which sweeps down the West Coast of the United States, really acts as hurricane repellant, protecting California and even Northern Baja California from hurricanes.The other factor at play here is the upper level winds, which tend to carry and steer storms to the west and northwest, away from California, and also tend to shear the tops off of hurricanes, breaking them apart.

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"I've been on the field against Picayune six times so far and played in two of them. It's by far the best experience of my whole high school career.""I think it's a different animal because it's the playoffs," PRC offensive coordinator Quincy Patrick said. "It doesn't matter if you're playing Picayune or any other team.

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The entire text of Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones State of the City Address, delivered Thursday night, Feb. 3, 2011.I especially pleased to be holding this State of the City Address at this important landmark in historic Jackson Ward and I pleased to be here during Black History Month to mark this occasion.As we celebrate black history and achievement this month, I find it very fitting that we are here in this venue which has sat empty for most of the last 40 years.

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If Independents are repelled by Republican bills that are more social instead of economic in any significant numbers, what Boehner won last year could be for naught next year, a presidential election year, when Democrats hope the confluence of voters who put an Illinois Senate in the White House in 2008 can be revitalized to work its magic again next year.

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The markets are beginning to realize that the major political parties learned very little during the 2011 debt downgrade talks. Our leaders seem to be headed down the same road again. The early reaction from the street was that the Yellen announcement's timing is meant to stem the stock market's recent decline.

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Frankfurt Airport (FRA), the Fraport Group home base, recorded a 3.2 percent rise in passenger figures, despite several strike days that led to almost 3,700 flight cancellations and affected over 430,000 passengers. FRA posted new monthly passenger records every month from May to September 2014. A new historic daily record was achieved on the last Friday in September 2014, when Frankfurt Airport served some 214,000 passengers in a single day.

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In many instances, they were at risk youth who needed guidance to lead productive lives. That guidance often came from the patrolmen who worked with the kids."Without the police officers, PAL isn't PAL," said Shoemake. "They were the nuts and bolts of the program."Shoemake says he received an email from Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania about six weeks ago.

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"You also know what you are going to get from him. The staff at the club have played against him or with him over the last few years and you know you are going to be in a game if you go against"There were that many twists and turns in the game. I thought second half we dominated totally and we had the one that hit the bar as well. I just looked at the video of the free kick that the

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The 2007 rent payment, due Feb. 1, 2007, was paid Nov. 14, 2007. The city did not receive another payment until July 9, 2008. That payment was for $10,000, records show. Kouvas made another $10,000 payment Nov. 17 and a $5,000 payment two days later. Another $5,000 payment was made Jan. 2, meaning Kouvas ended 2008 owing the city $25,000 from 2008 with another $55,000 payment looming Feb. 1.For many, this is the bread and butter of their business. For instance, new car dealerships don't make their money off of selling new cars. They make their money off the "loans" from selling new cars. People who OWE money. Accounts Receivables. But only if it is managed and managed properly.

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"Our goal for this Saturday is to improve," offensive lineman Nick Zee Cheng of Fort Wayne added. "We're still hoping for a conference championship, and even if we don't get it this year, we've taken it one step closer every year. This year, we were contending for one and that's one step closer than in the past. If we keep improving the program, that's all we can try and do."

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